ArchiRADAR Trees & Landscape libraries

Nature has played a key role in the history and theory of architecture, appearing as a constant motif in architectural texts from its very beginnings with Vitruvius to Alberti and all the way to Le Corbusier’s Radiant City. It is seen as a basic element in the development of architectural theory and principles. Relation between architecture and landscape renews constantly. It exists a conscience about landscape like a precious heritage that architecture can and must improve while it protects for future generations.

With this concept in mind, representation of nature has been traditionally something to treat carefully. We still need to deal with nature as we look for new architectures and also BIM programs, as ARCHICAD, need to face it and tools we have sometimes are limited. In this article, we are going to talk about ArchiRADAR trees, which give another excellent tool to deal with one of architecture design main issues.

The better you can represent your environment the better you can work with it. This collection of trees offers a huge amount of options for trees and bushes that will enrich any project with a great 3D view.

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